G-Romie (formally known as Romie) on the dancehall scene, now goes by the Moniker G-Romie. G... symbolises greatness. The name reflects the self-belief and dedication this artiste has within himself.


From a very young age, "G-Romie" also known as Tyrone Byfield always had a keen interest in music, growing up in Jamaica propelled and inspired his musical taste.


G-Romie was born in Jamaica, and raised in the parish of St Mary. He later moved to  Kingston (Stoney Hill). Jamaica is an island most known for its vibrant pot of rhythm and culture so there was always a street party or young talents just vibing to their favourite artiste.


Music was also very influential within his home. Tyrone's mother considered herself to also be a lyrical genius who constantly encouraged young Tyrone to develop his own unique sound.


His influences in music ranges from the legends Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Garnet Silk, Morgan Heritage, Yellow Man, Super Cat, Papa San, Buju Bonton, Shabba Ranks, Ninja Man, Mad Cobra, Merciless, Bounty Killa, Beenie Man and many more recent artiste such as Vybz Kartel whose musical artistry transcends across the masses. Mavado, Aidonia, Busy Signal, Demarco and Tommy Lee. That's the level of success G-Romie aims to accomplish within his musical career.


G-Romie moved to London at the young age of 11, as a teenager he pursued a Diploma in Music Production as he felt it was necessary to know the various areas of the music industry and production aspects.


G-Romie pursued his dreams and recorded his first official dancehall track called "Gyal A Seh" which caught the ears of various radio personalities. G-Romie was invited to numerous events to showcase his talents and performing live In front of local audiences. His confidence grew after seeing how family and spectators started participating and became more energised.


His sharp and witty lyrical content flows smoothly through his storytelling techniques. Having the ability to paint a lyrical picture, time and time again to his listeners and fans, G-Romie has been compared to many reputable dancehall artists and his ecstatic stage presence is well received by the audience, after delivering outstanding performances.


G-Romie started writing more content detailing his own experiences, from his day-to-day lifestyle, childhood, experiences, love and family.


He considers himself more relatable to many of his audience and listeners. G-Romie always knew not to fall into the typical cliche' of many artiste who portrays a persona of the music that is falsified in order to fit in.


G-Romie understands how difficult it is for him to get recognition amongst his peers. G-Romie believes that through his hard work, commitment and perseverance he will overcome any challenges and obstacles in the music industry. He knows in order for him to accomplish his goals, he has to execute and deliver music to the highest standard and quality.


Besides the music G-Romie full-joys spending fundamental time with his family, friends, travelling and also cooking. Many may not know this but G-Romie is also a professional Michelin star Chef.


In his own words "I am Jamaican, wi ambitious an wi party hard" 


He also believes that his love for music and perseverance will even

tually propel him to where he wants to be in his musical career.


A Jamaican proverb says "one, one coco full basket"


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